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Using a Doctor’s Note for a Day off Work

So the other day, the misses ask me to take the day off of work to go out with her. I let her know that in order for me to take the day off, I would have to have some kind of doctors note to give to my work. For example, I would need a doctors note saying I was sick or had a problem or some kind of excuse on why I could not work. So I was wondering to get a doctor’s note at tourdawoods.org. I heard a lot of good reviews on this site.

However, It was a good thing I knew a doctor that would not mind giving me a free note, if you know what I mean. It kind of reminded me of back in the day, when I had to give the school a fake doctors note (from bestfakedoctorsnotes.org). The doctor I knew had plenty of templates of these to write me up one and it had been a while since the misses and I went out, or me taking off the day at work for that matter.


doctor's template that works

Handy doctor’s note for work

I decided to call my buddy, Dr. Jones and ask if he could write me one. This would also save me the time of filling out all of the forms if I actually had to go see the doctor. He ended up emailing me a sample of it to see if it was good enough. It looked pretty good on the template he was using now and I replied back to the email letting him know that it would work and that I owed him one. I then emailed a copy to my work and knew that I would be good to go for our adventure that day. It was definitely a good thing I knew him otherwise this would have been a much more difficult thing to pull off. Use a fake doctor’s note to get out of any responsibility. Use a fake note from your doctor to help you get out of work early.

Now on the other hand I was wondering what I could get him to pay him back. He was a doctor so I knew that any simple thing he could just purchase himself. Then it hit me. I would take him out to one of our favorite golf courses on one of my “normal” days off. Let’s just say he did accept and that is a whole other story.

By all means this story is not to encourage using this type of behavior to get the day off work. But in my case the misses and I had a great day together and so did the doctor and I on the golf course. So if you need a doctors excuse note, go to bestfakedoctorsnotes.org.


Doctor’s Note Template

team of doctorsOK, you have decided to skip work for the day. You need a doctor’s note to get out of work. Where and how can you get a doctor’s note? You can get a note by using a template available online. These are the items you need and can use for work and school.
You write it yourself, use a template to write it or get someone else to write it for you, even use a commercial program. A doctor’s note can be one of the ways you can get out of going to an unpleasant place like work or school. Using an excuse is one of the ways to get out of problems associated with work or school.

Remember you can find programs that will make your  note look legitimate and you can give them an opportunity to do so. Get your  note and be on your way to getting the excuse you need to avoid work or school. It is a great way to relax or take time to study for the test you need to take, go shopping, or to friends. You can be responsible tomorrow. Use doctors note templates and kick back. It is one of the best things you can do, and something that will allow you to be irresponsible and enjoy your fun in the sun.

However, there’s nothing that can beat a Dr. note that isn’t fake because it will not violate any rule or regulation of a company. You can submit it to your boss with confidence and not frightened about getting caught. In return, you will be granted with a reward of earning paid sick leaves or long vacation period. In the end, honesty remains and still is the best policy! Learn to fake a physician’s letter from this awesome site.

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